Ian Abercrombie McNeur   1921—2013

Born 30 April 1921 in Winton, Southland. Brought up in the Manse at Milton.

Attended Otago Boys High School.

Worked for DSIR Botany Division in Wellington prior to war service. Attended signals School   in Egypt, 23rd Battalion in Italy as phone and radio person. Wounded at Monte Cassino and returned home.

Written during the Second World War while Mr McNeur was in training at  Paekakariki Camp for the 2nd NZ Division,    8th Reinforcements.   1942


SOLDIERS REVERIE                                                 


A silver moon, a deep dark sea,
Silver surge upon the strand,
Offshore the bushclad Kapiti
A rugged, mystic, purple land;


A night suffused with fairy charm,
And fringed with pulsing murmuring foam.
A night for lovers arm in arm
And here I am – alone.

Alone upon a silver strand
With all the longing love can lend,
Longing for a woman’s hand.
Alone among a thousand men;

The tender glance, the soft caress,
The thrilling touch of soft white hand.
How sharp the knife of sacrifice
That cleaves us from our native land.


600-poppy again


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